We create logos, corporate identity, print materials, event collaterals, marketing materials, emails, social media designs, & web development for arts organizations, corporates, personal, small businesses, non-profits and more. Artfolio promises to provide you with a creative solution you will love, and a story your customers won’t forget.


There are various types of logos your company may need : Text Logos,  Logo Modifications, Logo Design with Custom Artwork or Brand Heroes. 

We take pride in our ability to craft marks and logotypes that are en pointe, and give your organization a true symbol to rally behind.


Once you have a solid logo it’s time to put together your full digital identity. Part of this is your normal business stationery consisting of business cards, envelopes, letterhead, memos, thank you cards, etc.

Alexandria Arts Alliance
Funnel Firm Marketing
KANVAS Skin Care
FAM Industries
Soalr Sales Success Logo
Personal Business Card
Posco Capital Partners PLC
Manassas County Public School
Automation Technologies
Personal Business Card
Mehta Group of Companies
Velocity Enterprises
Hector Property Advisory
Business Card Design
Business card design
Flyer + Postcard
BiFold Brochure
Baseball Cards
Bus Stand Posters
Tri-fold Brochure
Welcome Packet
GMU Event Flyer
2'x2' Posters
1 Pager
Newspaper Ad


Print isn’t dead yet. Publications, brochures, flyers, posters and rack cards still have an important place and are a powerful touch point for you to connect with your end users. Make sure it’s one that will leave an impression

Our print work includes posters, flyers, handbills, rack cards, bi-fold/tri-fold brochures, postcards, small publications and handbooks, etc.



Event collaterals and promotional pieces should draw attention and intrigue. The final result of our work might be an invitation or a t-shirt design, but we stay focused on the overall objectives to effectively reach out to your audience.

Our event collaterals and promotional pieces include wedding invites and related collateral designs, baby shower invites and related collaterals, birthday invites, and any private or corporate event related designs (email design/party posters/gift cards/T-shirt design/etc).

Greeting Card design
Invitation Card
Poster/Postcard with Quotes
T-Shirt Design
Character Design
T-Shirt Design
Baby Shower Invite & gift tags
Card and Sticker
Thank You Card
Addressing cards
Addressing Cards
Set of Cards
Postcard with Studio Offerings
Reminder Cards (Postcards)
Rack cards
Rack Cards
In Studio Large Posters
Large Display In-Studio Banners
Summer camp large poster
Business card for summer camp
Trifold Brochure
Summer Camp Flyers for Schools
Studio Poster
Sip&Paint Info Flyers
Email designs
Email designs
Email designs
Email designs
Website-Home Page
Website-About Us Page
Website-Offerings Page 1
Website-Offerings Page 2


What makes a brand strong? Consistency across touch points. Every time a customer or potential client interacts with your company, they should be met with a compelling  message and a cohesive style. This helps establish recognition and trust, which is all about telling the brand story. Your story is told through things like business stationery, business cards, marketing materials, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, social media posts, emails – in fact, just about any media that reaches the people.

Impact is maintaining a cohesive and consistent look throughout all of your touch points. All materials should have a strong backbone that reflects your core values. To put it simply, we’re here to keep everything on track.