A little bit about  Artfolio

Artfolio is a locally owned Art Studio deeply rooted in creativity and aesthetics. At Artfolio we love arts, crafts, and design. It was a passion for art that developed into a business. Every project is special and is completed thoughtfully and uniquely.


 Artfolio is the umbrella under which lies

· THE ARTFOLIO SHOP that offers various customized and handcrafted arts and crafts products, and

· ARTFOLIO DESIGN SERVICES that offers graphic design assistance to all.



· Handcrafted – All our products are specially designed and made only by hand.

· Customized - We believe in the impact of customized service.

· Unique - Uniqueness makes the difference.


   No matter what you’re looking for, whether its design assistance, or art and crafts products, we’ll always do our best to create design solutions for you. 

​    Shoot us a quick email to see how we can help you!